I’ve been listening to a series of podcasts a friend tipped me off to recently called True Story. It began with a few friends throwing a party where they gathered to tell stories (often around a common theme) into a mic and then posted the recordings online. When these recordings took off, they decided to keep it up and invite others to submit stories as well. I’m only a few in, but so far I’ve quite enjoyed listening to them.

There’s something about a person telling a raw, unscripted story that draws you in. You immediately draw in your own experiences and simultaneously jump into someone else’s life for a moment. Stories put everyone in the same place for a moment, regardless of where they come from–they’re a unifying factor.

Stories are everywhere, as the quotation above indicates. They shape our past–we remember things more easily when they are told to us in the form of a story. They mold our present–we constantly daydream and resolve our problems through imagining situations. They allow us to venture into the future– stories give us ways to imagine dystopias and utopias and everything in between.

As someone who’s potentially entering the field of marketing post-graduation, I’m also constantly reminded of the persuasive power of stories in moving people to action. The most effective marketing campaigns tell a story because stories have an inherently human aspect. We are storytellers.

Like most of my posts here on Tangents, I don’t know that there’s a place I’m going with this–other than, perhaps, a friendly reminder (mostly to myself) that stories are everywhere and it’s only a matter of looking for them. They’re worth being sought.

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