About the Authors

Victoria Barner –

Originally from sunny Naples, Florida, Victoria Barner is the artist we all wish we could be. Obsessively organized and color-coded, Victoria is a not-so-newly tasseled graduate of Vanderbilt University, with a double major in Creative Writing and Communications. Nowadays, Victoria is a full-time employee at Gimlet Media, and lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Nathan Hall –

Hailing from Oak Ridge, Tennessee, Nathan Hall is that crazy kid who graduated with a double major in Mechanical Engineering and Math from Vanderbilt University. Reasonably sure he lived in Portland in a past life, Nathan loves flannel, sweaters, and folk music (he’s half of the famous folk duo The Dangerbears).  He has a host of remarkable talents that include (but are not limited to): waking up early, succeeding at all culinary endeavors, being prepared for nearly any situation thanks to his overly-packed backpack, and knowing when to appreciate excellent hats. He often drinks coffee to replace things like food, sleep, and motivation and currently haunts libraries in upstate New York while he serves at Fort Drum.


Nathan and Victoria go together like peanut butter and bacon – strangely. Their greatest mutual struggle is staying on-task long enough to write a “main” post, and they’ve been known to disagree over the use of organizational aids like calendars and email folders. They also composed one another’s bios and they’re now trying to figure out what they’re doing with their lives post-graduation (in more of a figurative sense than a literal one, sometimes). One them is a little better at blogging “consistently” than the other, but admits that is a huge stretch of the word consistent.

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